CEA Staffing is on a roll! During the holiday, our NYC Brand Ambassadors worked tirelessly to promote and sample our clients delicious and healthy Fit Frozen Desserts. The company created a frozen dessert without the loads of sugar and calories. You can indulge and live a heathly lifestyle! CEA Staff provided New York City with refreshing cold desserts on a hot summer day, while also promoting the company. They succesfully sampled at the South Street Port, all across NYC and even managed to reach local fire stations as well. You can always depend on CEA Staff to shed light on your brand!

We have been SO incredibly busy this summer, taking over various programs, NATIONWIDEWe have provided staff for big name companies but we have also worked with succesful startup companies. Our nationwide staff has had a blast working these events and they are eager to work more! We are pleased to say all of our clients were extremely pleased with our teams and will continue to use CEA because of them. We invite you to learn more about how your business can benefit from hiring CEA Staffing!

Check out pictures below of another successful sampling event in NYC!



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