Trade shows are happening year round, all over the world! It's a way for small and large companies, in similar industries, to come together and sell their latest products or ideas. When looking to attend a trade show, make sure you check to see if it's "public" or "trade only". If the site says "trade only", that is for company representatives--meaning it isn't open to the public. But, there are LOTS of public trade shows, don't worry;)

Below are just a few of the biggest trade shows taking place across the states!

SXSW (Austin, Texas): Music, Media, Technology. This trade show provides a way for all companies working on the latest trends to bring their ideas to the table. The technology world is ever-changing. And, it's a way to educate everyone on the "next best thing" through film and music.

NRA (Chicago, IL): Food, Business, 1800 vendors. This tradeshow provides ideas for food industry. In helping the business gain profit, in food trends and ideas, and lots of great speakers!

NACS (Las Vegas, NV): Convienience and Fuel retailers, 22000 attendees. This tradeshow provides a widespread amount of knowledge focused on products/services in the fuel and convienience store retail industry. 


Click for a list of the "Top 250 Tradeshows in USA).