Featured Model Najibah!
Meet Najibah

Najibah resides in the Big Apple, New York City! Recently, she managed a team of six Brand Ambassadors for a private Best Buy “Customer Appreciation Day!” She handled all logistics: set up, break down, staff supervision, photography, etc. What a super woman! She loves the industry because it allows her to have flexibility in her schedule, and meet lots of different kinds of people. She has experience as a brand ambassador, trade show model, and much more!

Najibah has some pretty exciting things on the horizon! Starting off 2014 with a bang, she’ll be a featured vocalist on a Carnival Cruise Line for six months. The CEA family wishes you the best of luck, in your upcoming adventures!!
The Importance of BILINGUAL Brand Ambassadors!
What is the benefit of hiring bilingual staff for your promotional events?

America is a true melting pot—a mix of cultures, languages, beliefs, etc. When it comes to a promotional event, we want to be able to connect with each person that walks through the door! Language shouldn’t be the thing standing in the way. If a Bilingual Brand Ambassador is hired, they are able to educate the customer about the product being promoted in more than one language. This helps target a wider audience during the promotion and insures that more people can be included. Bilingual promotional staff are an asset to any event!

To our Current Promotional Models: ALWAYS let the client know if you can speak more than one language fluently! Make sure to check all languages you speak when creating a profile on our website.

Helpful Tips for Event Staff!
A quick blog to send you into the weekend!

Have you ever wondered why you weren't the person selected to work that promotional gig? We want to help you get hired! So, we have created this blog with a few bullet points to help ensure you're the model that the staff member just can't wait to work with!

-Make sure you include your most recent work experience. If you are new to promotional modeling, include work experience where you've worked directly with people! Staffing Agencies want to make sure that the person hired is a "people's person" and can connect with strangers.

-Always, always include some pictures of yourself. Make sure they are current and appropriate. It should be the best representation of you!

-Remember, you are selling yourself! In the bio about yourself, include any special skills/assets that set you above the rest!

-Make sure you are professional and likeable. Use spell check. Use correct punctuation. Professionalism is a must, in this line of work.

Here's a check list, for when you're hired for an event!

-Make sure you are put together: clean hair, natural makeup, fresh smell. Clothing and shoes should look new.

-Always be on time! This is huge. Early is better than late. You'll have a much better chance of being rehired;)

-Smile, be personable, and know your product! People should want to talk to you!

-Respect all other staff you are working with.

-Leave your phone in your purse.

-Don't bring in anything that could be lost or stolen.

These suggestions are for: Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models, Trades how Models, and any other staff working an event. Hope everyone uses it!
Meet Amymarie!
We are so excited to launch our "Featured Model" aspect of our blog, with this beautiful lady. Amymarie resides in Upstate New York. She isn't afraid of hard work--in fact, she used to weigh 196 lbs! Her determination helped her get healthy and fit. From that she discovered her passion for life and fell in love with her work. Recently, she was asked to help assist in the Turning Stone Resort Casino's Collegiate "A Cappella Showdown" as a Vanna White-type.

When asked why she loves what she does, she replies, "Find something that you love to do, and learn how to make money doing it. 'Work' will not feel like work, and you will become the BEST person you can be, because you are being YOU!"
Welcome to the new and improved CEA Staffing website!
Here at CEA Staffing we strive to provide a wide range of events for our Brand Ambassadors, Trade Show Models, and Promotional Models. We have revamped our website, making it easier to navigate and book gigs! Once a profile has been created, on www.ceastaffing.com, we can submit that profile to our clients. Don't forget to like us on Facebook! We post additional job opportunities there, as well.